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Andy Johnson posted a discussion

Divided We Fail!

 I am so much ashamed to hear all these 47 senators and what they are spending their time on. I am very sorry to say this though, as an American, we get what we did not bargain for.. We elected the wrong people. This is why it's important to vote big.We're living in a dangerous time, we are living in times of ISIS, BOKO HARAM, and other Terror Group. The world, other countries of the world are "MOCKING" the U.S.A, not the president. They understand what the republicans are doing, they know because they watch what is going on in America.My fear is about tomorrow, not about today. I am not that worried about today because we do not have a clear path from our political leaders, leaders that were elected to protect and serve the people.Republicans are playing a political puzzle game, a game in which some of the puzzles are either not known or are missing. In other words, they cannot be put together, the pieces are missing we will have to look for them. The bad news are that these puzzles…See More
Mar 10, 2015
Andy Johnson posted a discussion

Netanyahu's Speech

We will not be watching the Netanyahu's speech tomorrow (03/03/2015). We've heard enough of war mongering and other but lies. It's a disrespect to the white house and a disrespect to the American people. Bibi Netanyahu stated today that he meant no disrespect to president Obama, if this is true, why couldn't he stay away from making this lying of a speech.Netanyahu's speech is not funny and it's not going to convince anyone or say something  new to the public. The public is tired of the same old tactics, the same cold war tactics used by war mongers. By now, we know what the speech is about; His speech is  going to be about the following: Bomb, Nuclear bomb, sanction, old tactics of scary tension, drama, about a moment, lies, lies upon lies and nuclear weapon. Should democrats attend this stupid speech? A BIG NO! Democrats must stay away from this speech. This speech is not a sincere speech, it's a poisonous speech. Bibi Netanyahu is wrong and he should be made to understand that no…See More
Mar 2, 2015
Andy Johnson posted a blog post

Boycott Netanyahu's Speech

I hope all dems boycott Netanyahu's visit and speech. It's an embarrassment to the American people and it's even a bigger embarrassment to the president of the united states. I won't  be watching or listening to his hyped up speech. We are not against him, but it's a bad idea to have a seating head of a country visit another country without a proper invitation and through the right channel. It's all a matter of respect.. He should have respect for the current president of the United States..President Obama.We support all democrats to boycotting Netanyahu upcoming states visit and intended speech to congress. See More
Feb 9, 2015
Andy Johnson posted a discussion

Conflicts & Negotiation

Conflicts is inevitable in life, no one can escape it, not even the most powerful and richest person on earth. We are all going through one or more conflicts in our lives, either at our place or work or in our family lives. However, not all conflicts are detrimental to our well-being, there are some conflicts that make us brighter, better, and they motivate us to be stronger. However, not all conflict is bad! Conflict is always difficult, but it leads to growth and change, which is good. Honestly, no one likes pain, but pain wakes us up and tells us when to react. If we had our hands on a stove, and we couldn't feel the pain to know to remove it, then we be in big trouble! If there were no painful stimulus, we’ll get burned. Negotiation is part of life, we negotiate with ourselves, we do it with our boss, with our family members, and most importantly with the people we work with and the society at large. And the most important aspect in negotiating is communication. Communication is…See More
Nov 11, 2014


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